If you could put your favorite thing inside a snowglobe, what would we see?

or maybe you would make your snowglobe an aqaurium? a terrarium?

the only thing you need is inspriation.


Minimum 6 artists needed to run the Painting Party.



Supplies include

  • 16 x 20 canvas board
  • paints
  • brushes
  • apron
  • sponges
  • and one fantastic and inspiring and (obviously humble and joking) talented instructor and her trusty helper.


It is advised you wear "painting attire". Clothes may get paint on them and it doesn't wash off.



Snowglobes, Aquariums and More


    ©Paint 'n Pitchers At Your Home Paint Parties

    by Painted Snowflakes Studio 2017

    Cambridge, Kitchener/Waterloo area

    and serving a wide section of

    South Western Ontario

    email Stacey at paintnpitchers@outlook.com

    A portion of every single sale goes to support those who live with Autism.

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