Sometimes, you don't want to think. Sometimes, you just want to feel.

So put on some tunes, have a drink in hand, help yourself t owhatever colours and tools that appeal to you and let's get painting.


Abstracted work isn't as easy as it looks.  Sure you throw some down some paint but it's colour choises and placement, when to stop and what to add. It's a feeling, an expression a representation.


Let's see what comes out.

Minimum 6 artists are needed to run the workshop.



Supplies include


  • 16 x 20 canvas board
  • paints, ediums etc/
  • brushes, paint knives, texture tools  and more
  • apron
  • sponges and toothbrushes
  • and one fantastic and inspiring and (obviously humble and joking) talented instructor and her trusty helper.


It is advised you wear "painting attire". Clothes may get paint on them and it doesn't wash off.



Let's Paint

  • If you live 45-74mins., from the studio in Cambridge and are booking a workshop, please click here. 


    If you live 75-90 mins. from the studio in Cambridge and are booking a workshop, please click here.


    If you don't know how far away you are, click here to find out.




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A portion of every single sale goes to support those who live with Autism.

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