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"What makes your parties different?"

You do.


 You're in charge.

You choose what paint workshop you want, and which day you want it on.
No more worries about parking, expensive food and drinks,
or wondering if you and your friends can all sit together.
No extra expenses.
You're not expected to have 20 close friends but if you do, well that's great, too.
You only need 6 people to have a paint night at your place.



  If you don't see something offered, ask. Chances are I have done it, and if I can, we will.
You might be thinking
"but I'm not creative"

​No experience is necessary. This is a fun, non-judgemental environment. At the end of your 2½ hour event, you might surprise yourself.

 You & your friends eat and drink while following step-by-step instructions from blank canvas to "I can't believe I did this".

Whether it's a girls' nite in or a couples' evening, a bridal shower or company event or fundraiser, we supply everything you need for your paint party; canvas, easels, paint & paintbrushes, an apron, and anything else needed including some fun and down-to-earth instructors.









Are you stuck at your table for 2½ hours? Nope.

Get up whenever you want to, grab another drink, have some food, change the music or sneak a peek at the others' work. We take photos, too. We'll ask you first, of course, so if you are camera shy we won't capture your smiles. Promise. But if it's ok with you, you can look them up within 24 hours on our Facebook page.

Since you can serve whatever you want, you will always have your favorites. Music is your choice too, play some or don't. As long as you have room for everyone to sit at a table comfortably, the party is good to go. We even clean up the painting area before we leave. You can stay with your guests.


So what do you do now?

  • Choose the painting everyone will recreate

  • Contact us to book it with the date and location

  • Call some friends, girls or guys or both.

  • We'll arrive with all supplies and set up.

  • Please be on time, so you don't miss any of the fun!

When done, you'll be smiling and saying, "I did that!"



©Paint 'n Pitchers At Your Home Paint Parties

by Painted Snowflakes Studio 2017

Cambridge, Kitchener/Waterloo area

and serving a wide section of

South Western Ontario

email Stacey at paintnpitchers@outlook.com

A portion of every single sale goes to support those who live with Autism.

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