What else can we help with?

How do I book online?
Some of us grew up with carts you had to wheel around in stores and are learning the new ways of shopping. If you are having trouble with the shopping cart, I can help.
  • Choose the painting you and your group will recreate and click on it.
  • In the box marked quantity, select how many people you are purchasing for, not the amount attending. This is important because this determines your overall charge.
  • If you live further than 45 mins. from Cambridge, choose the appropriate distance and press the click here link. Add the appropriate quantity here as well.
  • When you are done shopping, follow the window to your cart, or press on the art bag icon at the top of the page.
  • Review the info listed. Add the Party date and host's name under Party Info
  • Choose your method of payment.
  • Fill in the info requested. If you prefer, contact us here and pay by e-transfer.
     If you need more guidance, please email me below.
Do you have any ideas for throwing a Paint Party?
Sure do. Check out our page.
Cancellation Policy: All reservations are non-refundable; a store credit will be given for individuals canceling with at least 24-hours notice. To give cancellation notice, please send an email paintnpitchers "No shows"  will not be issued store credit or refunds.
We firmly require a minimum of business10 days notice of cancellation before your party date to grant a deposit refund or rescheduled date.
A  deposit placed less than 7 days before the desired party date will not be eligible for either refund or reschedule. All refunds made 10 days before the event will be charged a $30 cancellation fee (taken out of the deposit).
If all party costs are met—paid registrations for all guests [minimum of 6 for adults and 10 for kids]—the full deposit will be refunded the day after the event. If there are any unpaid charges, including parties running 30 minutes over [that are not caused by the artist(s)], they will be deducted from the deposit prior to the refund. Private parties that start late (30 minutes or longer) may be subject to a late fee of $50.00 per 30 minutes.
Registration fees will be refunded when the class is cancelled by our office for reasons other than weather, otherwise store credits will be issue or fees will be applied to a new event.

Sorry, we can't give refunds on same day cancellations of parties.

If you have an emergency, we do make exceptions. We'll always work with you to try and make everyone happy.
email Stacey
Do you do Fundraising Events?
You bet we do. please follow this link for more info.
Why do you use paper plates for palettes instead of reusable ones?
Glad you asked. Conservation and recycling are very important. We love camping and connecting with nature and we want to leave the earth cleaner for our kids. If we used reusable palettes, all the unused paints would end up in our water, not to mention the excess water to wash everything. We strive for a balance. All of our supplies are reused, aprons, easels, brushes and water containers (which are recyclable) except our palettes and paper towels. This keeps the excess paint waste in bags and out of our water supply.
I can't find something I want to paint but I want to do a party?
No problem at all. Contact us. We'll work with you to create something more along the lines of what you are looking for. Remember too that as this is a private event we can alter colour choices to work with each person's colour schemes and you can add or remove items from the piece to "make it your own".

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A portion of every single sale goes to support those who live with Autism.

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